What Makeup To Buy in Sephora

Although I have multiple boxes of makeup stored in my tiny NYC apartment, I still love a good wander around the world’s best beauty mecca. I’ve done some research and tried some of their best-selling, most coveted beauty buys just to share the best with you!

In no particular order…

Anatasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade  – $18

This bad boy is a staple in YouTube makeup videos. And if anyone knows their makeup it’s the gals with IKEA drawers full of the stuff. I got ‘influenced’ and bought it myself. After all, $18 isn’t a bad price to pay for brows on point.

Truth be told I do love it. It’s like a squishy chocolate paste that hardens, but not too quickly. It shapes and darkens your brow hair all in one. Use a really tiny brush to apply and a steady hand won’t go astray.

PAT MCGRATH LABS FetishEyes™ Mascara – $28 

The buzz on this mascara online is something else. I’m not sure who Pat McGrath is though.

With my blonde, stubby lashes, I am so tempted to spend almost thirty quid on a mascara. The formula includes conditioning peptides and panthenol for hydration. I’ll report back on this one when I eventually make the splurge.

FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation – $34

When I research long-wear or high coverage foundations, the Fenty Pro Filt’r comes up time and time again. Not only is the colour range SAVAGE, but the Sephora reviews are through the roof.

After a bit of YouTube research, I’ve seen and heard very good things. The price is average for a non-drugstore* foundation too.

*I’m blanking. What is the official name for that?

STILA Stay All Day Foundation + Concealer – $40

I’ve raved about this high-coverage foundation more than once. Definitely suited for nights out, rather than daytime wear; this maximum coverage foundation really does stay all day. The added concealer in the cap of the bottle is handy and replaceable too.

It can be a little dry on dry skin but otherwise, I can’t fault this product!

HUDA BEAUTY#FauxFilter Foundation – $40

Huda, girl, did you notice how Rihanna stole your foundation name?

But seriously, all jokes aside, look at this Sephora review;

Had my Dr appointment @9 am did my makeup using huda beauty foundation in tres leche @630 am went to 2 Dr appointments went into labor at 330 pm had the baby next day at 657 am. Got moved n had visitors so I didn’t get to touch up but everyone complemented on my makeup that I had on for over 24 hrs foundation looking flawless thanks to huda beauty foundation
Like, wearing a foundation THROUGH LABOUR and still being happy with it is the ultimate test. Who even remembers to go back and review a product after giving birth. Dedication, that’s all I can say.

FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer – $18

She gets two entries to this list because she is just that good. RiRi’s glassy gloss is available in three shades but, be warned; it’s extremely thick and heavy. That said, it’s lasting power is better than most. Plus, the added sheen takes a simple makeup look up a few levels.

Sephora signature ‘mini’s’

As you’re in the queue at Sephora spending your hard-earned coins on stuff you want more so than actually need, you’ll be taunted by mini versions of everything else you didn’t buy. Mascara’s, face mists, makeup remover pads… travel-friendly everything, really.

But these cutesy cosmetics are nifty and a great way to try out products without spending full price for it. So many brands participate so you can get your hands on TwoFaced, HUDA, Sephora own-brand and more for less. Great for gifting too!

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