I’ve Launched a Podcast!!

I wish I didn’t have to refer to the podcast as a ‘passion project’ (because that’s all I’m hearing nowadays) but that is truly what it is for me. I’ve been thinking about this a year, and actually doing something about it for the past 10 months. The tiny bits and pieces it takes to put this together and get it right has taken a lot of my spare time but here we are. This is about as ready as I’ll ever be.

When I was in Ireland last Christmas, I was coming home from the gym on St.Stephen’s Day and driving in the car on the motorway is so therapeutic because I never drive here in New York. I always relax a little more when I am at home, life is quieter and slower. My mind was wondering. I knew for a long time I wanted to launch the podcast but I just couldn’t put my finger on a common theme. I had a lightbulb moment on that drive down the M4.

I walked into the kitchen when I got home and my dad was eating black pudding at the table and drinking tea. The house was still silent – no one had woken up from their Christmas day slumber just yet. I told my Dad I was obsessed with people’s stories, why they do what they do and the day-to-day that is involved in reaching the end goal. The shit and the low days are all part of it.

He said “Yeah, everyone has walls to get over. “And kept on drinking his tea. A few minutes later he muttered “Why don’t you call your podcast ‘The Wall?'”

Ha, it sounds rather masculine and doesn’t ring a bell when you hear it, but something about the name resonated with me. So it stuck. And here we are.

So what’s the podcast all about?

In a world where social media makes the rules, everyone looks the same and mental health is still hush-hush, lives The Wall podcast. It started because I am just naturally interested in how people spend their time and why they do what they do. Every single successful person receives questions from those around them, “how did you do it?” and I want to know the answer.

The Wall podcast will be sharing stories on exactly how it’s done! Listen to the trailer/intro to The Wall below:

The road to success isn’t exactly clear and so whether you’re looking for an answer or just a great story, I hope you find value in this content.  I’m producing, editing, recording, researching every single part of this podcast myself so bear with me as I fine-tune everything. I appreciate all the support, big and small and I look forward to you tuning in! 



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