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10 Things I Can’t Live Without in the City

Going from a country life in Ireland to the epicenter of the world comes with a lot of changes in lifestyle. To survive, you have to be ready at all times. With the help of technology and some street experience, I’ve managed to nail down some vital components for an easier everyday life in Manhattan.


…or WhatsApp or Skype. Whatever it is you use to stay in touch, that’s important. I text my parents every day and use it to call them as well. We have a family group on Viber that is usually filled with funny messages, screenshots or embarrassing images but never fails to make me laugh.

Good shoes

New York is hard on shoes, no matter what their quality.  Using your feet as your means of transport results in a short life for your shoes. Carrie Bradshaw was lying. There is no way you could be waltzing around the City in her stilettos. Just no way. Right now I love Sketchers BOBS (these, these and these), my gold Reeboks and a pair of sandals since the weather is getting warmer. Thankfully, my office is casual so I don’t have to worry about heels and can spend my days in stretchy leggings and a pair of shimmery shoes because that’s really who I am.

The Subway

Anyone living in New York loves to hate the subway. It’s probably the dirtiest place I’ve been and often full of crazy characters. At the end of the day, the City is so reliant on it. It can cause delays, expose you to horrific smells and people, but at the end of the day, the monthly ticket is worth its weight in gold. I don’t know what New York would be if the subway didn’t exist!

Google Maps

Sometimes I get lost going to work so you can imagine how reliant on Google maps I am. When you get out of the subway, you can’t tell if you’re on North, East, South or West or whatever…so Google maps is beyond necessary. It’s actually like my security blanket, I don’t travel without it!


I’m not sure if this app is available outside the US, but it’s basically an app that allows you to transfer money instantly. It’s almost like Paypal, but instant. Each person has a Vemno profile and if someone pays for dinner, a coffee or even your rent can be paid via Venmo. Super easy and great for those who never have cash (like me!)


What might surprise most people is that yellow cabs aren’t commonly used. I would much rather jump in an Uber; it’s cheaper and cleaner.


I listen to music everywhere, especially when I’m walking around the City. It took me so long to get Airpods – even my Dad had them before I did! I’m careful with my money but I really couldn’t stop thinking about buying these. What I love about them is that you can still leave them in your ears even when the music isn’t playing and you can still hear whats going on around you, so you don’t have to keep removing them every five minutes. Plus the sound and battery are both equally amazing. Thank you,

A good handbag

Or as they call it over here, a purse. You need a good hold-all that can take everything you need, including a spare pair of shoes, umbrella and a makeup kit. You never know whats around the corner!


When you come home from work at 10 p.m., or when the last thing you want to do on a Sunday night is cook, Seamless is royalty. Ordering food to be delivered is like having new bedsheets. You literally have thousands of NYC’s restaurants at your fingertips and within a few clicks, you’ll have food arrive at your door. How could you not!

Amazon Fresh

Life is all about ease and when you work 18 hours a day, the last thing you wanna do is queue at Whole Foods for your fodder for the week. Adding to that, I live on the 5th floor of my building and its a walk up so, you know… Amazon Fresh delivers to your door before 6 a.m. so when you wake up, your food is outside. I don’t think I could ever go back to a grocery shop again!

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