The Pros & Cons of a Lip Flip [BEFORE/AFTER]

I was treated to free injectables with The Skin Clique this summer so I decided why not try a lip flip. I have small-ish lips (I’m Irish!) so I thought it could be a cute look and I knew Botox dissolves quickly so if I didn’t like it, it would go fade away eventually.

A lip flip is a when you get Botox injected into your upper lip to stop the lip from curling in. It can be great if you have a gummy smile or, like me, want to try create the look of a fuller pout.


  • It’s a subtle look that greats a small change and is a great introduction to lip fillers (if you’re thinking about going down that road)
  • If you don’t like it, it will fade away like all Botox treatments!


  • It hurts like hell. But only for a few seconds. I would consider myself someone with high pain tolerance and even with the numbing lotion, I found it was one of the worst things I’ve felt!
  • It can be hard at the start to adjust to it. I found it hard to say the letter ‘p’ or suck through a straw (because the muscle is so loose) but you eventually get used to it.
  • It doesn’t add volume to your lip, per se, but rather just makes them look more of a pout. So if your lips are super thin, you might not get the results you’re looking for.

Overall I loved my look and was glad I tried it. I don’t feel like I need it but it does make me think about what lip fillers would look like! Let me know if you’ve tried?!


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